Colorado Home Realty Real Estate in Turbulent Times

Turbulent Times

Matt Hudson, CEO Denver Market Stats

Last night, we sent an email to 14,000 CHR clients. We wanted to share this same information with the Denver real estate community. 

This email included an analysis of the Denver metro market through week 10 of this year, or March 10, 2020.  For us, this was the establishment of a baseline of market performance.  We believe our real estate market will begin to see shifts from COVID-19 societal changes and resulting economic impact. 

We have identified the top 4 leading indicators for any potential market changes.

  • New listings previous 7 days
  • New under contracts previous 7 days
  • Closings previous 7 days
  • Showings previous 7 days

We are comparing week over week, relative to the last 3 years market activity. 

Two Resources:

  1. View the email we sent to CHR agent clients about the state of the market and how we (agents) will keep clients up to date on market conditions during these unprecedented times.  Most importantly to note, the knowledge is great, but you need to know what action to take as a result of this information. We will provide that guidance weekly.  
  2. View the video explaining the data and graphs included in the email.  

If you have any questions about the email or the data, please reach out to Penny Brenden, CHR’s business development manager. She will put you in touch with the appropriate person at CHR to answer your question. 

Stay in touch with your clients, call and care for your database and you will make it through this time, just fine. But you will have to work harder now, and with more care, than ever.  


Matt Hudson. CEO – Colorado Home Realty