To Your Greatness!

In a class I teach with a colleague, we talk about the combination of the fundamentals and discipline required for inevitable success. We also talk about the “soft skills” required to experience a satisfaction.  

One of those “soft skills” is the power of articulating “WHAT YOU BELIEVE” so you are working with people in a manner that is fulfilling.  

While I had known this was true for years, I found additional refinement by watching this 18-minute video of Simon Sinek. The title is “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

I want you to think of yourself, not as a real estate salesperson, but as a leader.  A leader who guides people, and not just through a real estate transaction. Rather, evolve what you bring to the world and lead others to live well.  

To me, the most compelling part of what Sinek communicates in this Ted Talk is the idea that “… we don’t want to work with people who need what we have to offer. We want to work with people who believe what we believe.”  

Great. What do you believe?  

What is your personal and provocative statement about you, business, real estate, clients, value, building wealth through our industry, life?  

NOT the marketing statement you think others will care about … stop doing that crap

What do YOU believe in?  What do YOU care about? 

It’s OK. Your statement won’t be perfect. None of us are perfect, and perfect is a stupid aim. “Perfect” is driven by an oppressive demand to please others … of seeking their approval. It’s how we’ve lived most of our lives, and it’s exhausting.  

“Perfect” has us living the most inauthentic life.

Instead, get messy.

  • Who are you? 
  • What is your heart telling you? 
  • What is your soul asking of you? 
  • What do you demand, selfishly, from life?  

Plant your flag, state your claim, tell yourself and the world (maybe for the first time) THIS is who I am and what I stand for!

If it is real if it is really YOU … it cannot be wrong.

Even if it’s messy. Ha! Messy is fun! Life is messy. Roll around in it!

Others will try to tell you it isn’t right. And that’s ok. It’s just not right for them.

You will attract people to you, WHO BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE.  

Be brave and proud in exploring, discovering, and stating. And surround yourself with people willing to do the same.

To YOUR greatness!

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