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Team CHR Business Development, The Art of Referral

A referral-based business should not be taken lightly.

With it comes three major responsibilities. First, one of consistency in communication and professionalism. Actual relationships are on the line, not only with the client you are working with but also the individual that referred you. You must always be evolving your craft. With a referral-based business, the best business development is phenomenal execution. And potentially the most important, you need to take the role of a consultant for the consumer. Letting go of your agenda, caring first and foremost about their goals and motivations, being an advocate for them whether they choose to buy/sell or not.

We have mastered this over the past 20 years and have over 100 agents who run their business solely on referrals. We are sharing our secrets to help you increase your business through the thing you love most, simple human interaction with people you care about!

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