The Real Estate Professional of the Future

The Real Estate Professional of the Future

Matt Hudson, CEO Business Development

Billions of dollars are going into one initiative in real estate right now, making you irrelevant.  Big tech and Wall Street dollars believe they can capture the hearts of consumers through shiny objects, search portals and big promises.  They are right. And you cannot compete with them. Not head-to-head at least.  The majority of consumers are sick of how our …

Referral Business Resources

Team CHR Business Development, The Art of Referral

A referral-based business should not be taken lightly. With it comes three major responsibilities. First, one of consistency in communication and professionalism. Actual relationships are on the line, not only with the client you are working with but also the individual that referred you. You must always be evolving your craft. With a referral-based business, the best business development is …