Referral Business Resources

Team CHR Business Development, The Art of Referral

A referral-based business should not be taken lightly. With it comes three major responsibilities. First, one of consistency in communication and professionalism. Actual relationships are on the line, not only with the client you are working with but also the individual that referred you. You must always be evolving your craft. With a referral-based business, the best business development is …

We Were Wrong

Matt Hudson, CEO Denver Market Stats

We thought prices might increase by 6% over the last 6 week period. The Average Weekly Sales Price has SKYROCKETED from a low of $483,563 to an all time high of $575,025, two weeks ago. That’s an 18.9% increase in 10 weeks! The number of homes being listed for sale has remained at, or only slightly above the seasonal weekly average, creating a serious supply issue.

Signs of a Denver Real Estate Slowdown?

Matt Hudson, CEO Denver Market Stats

Denver is arguably the hottest real estate market in the country! Given certain factors and interest rates anticipated to remain low, we expect continued appreciation through the end of 2020 with hopes for a modest slowdown.


Matt Hudson, CEO Denver Market Stats

The overall good news for sellers = appreciation! The average price of all homes in the Denver metro market last week was $520,790, up from $486,780 just three weeks ago. Comment below for specifics about your area.

CHR in Greater Colorado Springs

Team CHR Colorado Springs Market Stats

We’re excited to announce we have extended into the Greater Colorado Springs area! Be on the lookout for market stat updates coming soon to our blog! For more information on our Springs location please contact Penny our Business Development Manager.

Is the Market Back?

Matt Hudson, CEO Denver Market Stats

1,674 homes went under contract last week, 38.1% higher than the last 3-year average. New homes listed for sale is right at the 3-year average and home showings per property and total showings are both higher than 2019 numbers.

Buyer / Seller Activity Sees Substantial Increase

Matt Hudson, CEO Denver Market Stats

While the beginning of the peak real estate season has been muzzled due to local and US economic challenges and virus outbreak containment efforts, just two days of mostly unrestricted-but-socially-responsible buyer and seller activity has given us a glimpse into pent up supply and demand.

Buyers Go Virtual, Sellers Remain Cautious

Matt Hudson, CEO Denver Market Stats

Buyers Go Virtual. Sellers Remain Cautious.
Fueled by low interest rates, low inventory and consumer adaptation to virtual showings, more than 63% of homes sold last week, sold at-or-above the seller’s asking price.